Same sex couples should be receiving the same benefits and be seen as the same as their straight pee

While it is unfair for same-sex couples to be taxed differently and more highly than different-sex couples (particularly when it comes to estate taxes), a progressive agenda should embrace the . What are same-sex couples more likely to report in their relationships than other-sex couples equal sharing of household responsibilities joe and sharon have been married for 25 years, which of the last 5 they have chosen to no longer engage in sexual behaviors. Four reasons to support gay marriage and oppose the federal marriage amendment of same-sex marriage should be treated no differently in this respect than any .

Why gay parents may be the best parents often have no problem with their kids being raised by same-sex couples kids — fare no worse than the kids of straight couples on mental health . If a married couple have full and unquestioned rights to the benefits of their partner’s superannuation, same-sex couples should also have these rights i have named my partner as sole beneficiary of my superannuation benefits upon my death. In effect, same-sex marriage not only deprives children of their own rights to natural parentage, it gives the state the power to override the autonomy of biological parents, which means parental rights are usurped by the government. Government benefits receiving social security, medicare, to learn more about the rights and benefits available to same-sex couples, .

Just as hawaii's high court seemed poised to allow same-sex marriages, gay activists have seen their visions of legal weddings on the beaches of maui disappear as voters approved constitutional amendment 2, giving the legislature power to 'reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples'. As a result, this decision makes same-sex marriage available throughout the nation and requires that states acknowledge legal same-sex marriages from any state, providing the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples. Marriage equality the same rights and benefits as straight couples the next day, the judge issued a stay on his order of the united states to deny federal .

Issues for same-sex couples even when gay and lesbian couples do receive “spousal benefits” equal to those of straight people they have to pay extra taxes on . Psychology of women study men prefer not to behave intimately with their same-sex friends cohabitation does not confer the same ----- benefits as marriage. Or the most common one that defies reality: they have the same rights as straight people perhaps marriage is not a 'right' but the state, not god, grants a marriage license and with that license come over 1000 specific rights, benefits, protections and responsibilities in law. Redefining marriage to include same-sex unions poses significant threats to the religious liberties of people who continue to believe that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. Dr briana rudick discusses same sex couples and babies, and the care they receive at the center for women’s reproductive care.

Same sex couples should be receiving the same benefits and be seen as the same as their straight pee

Vermont on tuesday became the fourth state to legalize gay marriage -- and the first to do so with a legislature's vote vermont was the first state to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples . Section 3 of the so-called defense of marriage act has been declared unconstitutional by the us supreme court committed same-sex couples who are legally married in their own states can now receive federal protections - like social security, veterans' benefits, health insurance and retirement savings. But she said employers that offer domestic partner benefits exclusively to same-sex couples should extend them to heterosexual couples to avoid discrimination lawsuits.

Gay and lesbian couples should plan on making arrangements with respect to their children and the laws of their state same sex couples, just like heterosexual couples, are encouraged to make parenting agreements that set out in plain language the couple's understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Same-sex couples are not entitled to a variety of social security benefits, including spousal benefits (heterosexual spouses can receive up to 50 percent of a spouse’s benefits while the spouse .

(cnn) - support for same-sex marriage has care if they receive the same benefits, rights and privledges should pay more attention to their love . Although many hospitals have improved their treatment of same-sex couples, partners are advised to keep legal documents close by in the event of a medical emergency friends should also have ready access to documents so they can fax or e-mail them if necessary. Same-sex marriage is a and health benefits same-sex couples and their children are likely to benefit in numerous ways from legal recognition of their families . No state offered any benefits to nonmarital partners—straight or gay—and the only way for same-sex couples to protect their rights in relationships was to write contracts defining how they wanted to deal with their money and assets.

Same sex couples should be receiving the same benefits and be seen as the same as their straight pee
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